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VINOEURO Slovenia - 2018
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Great time in Slovenia

"At the same time, with the end of this year's European Championship of Wine National Teams in Mainz, Germany, Slovenia will also formally take over the organization of the next one, which will be held from 29 May. - 2.6. 2018 took place in our wine-growing region with a central event in the Goriška Brda and in Maribor! We also present you the official logo and slogan of this championship."

Danilo Steyer, 2016



Vino Euro 2018 Slovenia – Football  European cup of wine producers

In the end of May 2018, Slovenia will host the 5th European cup of wine producers in football. The international event of amateur football will be played on a normal football pitch with partially adjusted football rules. There will be 8 teams participating at the European cup - apart from the host team, three times European champion and the current title holder - Slovenia, also Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the two newly joined national teams - Portugal and Czech Republic.

The European championship will take part from 29th of May - 2nd of June 2018 in the winery region of Goriška Brda, city of Maribor and the knock-out stages in the city of Beltinci and Murska Sobota, where the wine festival and the grand final will also take place!

As mentioned, as a part of Vino Euro 2018, which is the football part of the tournament, we will also organise a big European wine festival - Vino Euro Festival.  The festival will take place on June the 2nd, on the day of the grand final, in front of the Fazanerija stadium in Murska Sobota.


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