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European culture is shaped by many wonderful people and things. Wine, football and education are important elements that our association would like to present to the community. Friendships in Europe and in the world gives the energy for developments and the preservation of peace. Deep friendships are formed through ambition in sport, the moderate enjoyment of wine and the transfer of knowledge. We support the principles of the European campaign "Wine in moderation"! 

The Union of European National Football Teams of Winemakers (UENFW) is a unique organization that combines the passion for football and wine. As a federation, it represents various national teams of winemakers from across Europe and pursues a range of objectives and goals:

  1. Fostering Community: The UENFW promotes community and solidarity among winemakers throughout Europe. Through the sport of football, boundaries are overcome and connections are forged that transcend cultural and linguistic differences.

  2. Promoting Wine Tourism: The federation utilizes football as a platform to promote wine tourism in Europe. The games and events organized by UENFW attract fans from different countries, providing a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of European wine culture.

  3. Promoting Sports and Health: The UENFW encourages its members to stay active and promote a healthy lifestyle. Football is not just a sport but also a means to promote physical fitness and teamwork.

  4. Facilitating Cultural Exchange: By exchanging experiences and traditions among the various national teams of winemakers, the UENFW contributes to fostering cultural exchange in Europe. This occurs both on and off the football pitch, through events and cultural programs.

  5. Supporting Environmental Protection and Sustainability: Many winemakers prioritize environmental protection and sustainability in their operations. The UENFW supports these efforts and advocates for eco-friendly practices, both in wine production and within its own events and activities.

Overall, the Union of European National Football Teams of Winemakers aims to strengthen the connection between football and wine while promoting the values of community, culture, health, and environmental stewardship.

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