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From the beginning, we knew that the joining of winemakers from 8 countries for football matches and tasting wines was also a good opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge. That is why the VINO EDUCA concept began. The model of the international conference unites professionals from different European countries, from partnership universities to other experts. 

And the theme? Always up to date, and has a European meaning. 

In 2022, there will be a VINO EDUCA conference along with VINO EURO in the Czech Republic, in Mikulov on 2. 6. 2022. The conference will be happening in two identical terms. Four lecturers will have their lectures in the morning hours for students, and professional guests from the Czech Republic. 

After that, the lectures will be identical in the afternoon hours for the members of VINO EURO and the press. Altogether, there will be around 400 guests joining the conference. The theme of the conference is Wine in moderation. 

Lectures are focused on 4 areas:

  • Healthcare: The positive aspect of moderate consumption of wine from medical perspective. 

  • Economy: The meaning of winery and wine growing for national economy, international trade and relationships. 

  • Environment: The benefits of planting wine for the land and responsible forms of farming.

  • Culture: The role of winery in historical context with the consideration of culture and traditions. 

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