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The development of VINOEURO has a long history that begins in Italy and has been established in Hungary. 

Chronicle of the European Winemakers' Football Championships

European Championships (VINOEURO):

Unofficial - the the fantastic founding idea 

2010: Italy - 

The officialEuropean Championship:
1. - 2011: Hungary (1st European Championship)

​2. - 2012: Austria -

3. - 2014: Swiss (eingestellt), 

4. - 2016:

5. - 2018: 

6. - 2020 (22): Czesch Republic

7. - 2024: Portugal

Unforgettable: Defence Minister Jung strengthens midfield against Briegel, Berthold and Co.

With a clear 1:6 (1:2) defeat, the WEINELF-Deutschland ended their encounter against a selection of winegrowers and wine merchants from Tuscany. But the result was of secondary importance this weekend. Italian and German wines and excellent culinary delights from both countries were in the foreground.

Robert Lönarz, President


2010 - ITALY

2016 - Germany

2018 - Slowenia

2022 - Czech Republic

István Huzár and Zoltan Mayer presented the European Championship in the Hungarian Parliament in 2011. Switzerland was admitted. For the first time, it was played according to a fixed set of rules.

Luigi Brunetti u

Luigi Brunetti and Dr. Franz Josef Jung, former minister, had the idea of an exchange of football-playing winemaker in 2008 in Cecina/Italy.

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