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European Winemakers Football Championship for the first time in the Czech Republic

Press release dated 5 May 2022

After two postponements due to the covid pandemic, the European Football Winemaking Championship VINO EURO 2022 will finally take place in the Czech Republic from 1st to 4th June 2022. Teams from eight European countries will present themselves at the seventh year of this tournament, the Czech Republic will be represented by FC Czech Wine Team. The event is supported by the South Moravian Region.

In addition to the Czech Republic's representation, winemakers from Italy, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland will also take part. In total, we can look forward to 18 international matches, which will be attended by over 300 players and members of the implementation team, including more than 200 winemakers representing major wine regions in Europe. VINO EURO 2022 will take place at the beginning of June in Znojmo, Uherský Hradiště and Mikulov.

"South Moravia is symbolized not only in our country, but also in the world, among other things by its quality wine. But many of our football representatives also come from the wine-growing areas of the South Moravian Region. Football is the most popular sport in our country and wine the most popular drink, so their seemingly unexpected connection has its own logic and the championship is offered here, "said Stanislav Tkadlec, president of the FC Czech Wine Team and organizer of the championship." The aim of this sporting and social event is to further strengthen the professional ties between winemakers of individual countries and of course present Moravian and Czech winemakers in a new light."

The basic groups of the draw are group A / the teams of Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia, in group B / Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and Portugal. The winners of the basic groups will then compete in the semi-finals with the team in second place of the opposite group. The other teams will then play for a place. The basic groups will play in Znojmo, then they will move to Uherské Hradiště, where the remaining matches will take place.

But it is not only about sports, an international conference - VINO EDUCA - will take place in Mikulov on June 2nd, bringing together experts from various European countries, both from partner wine and wine universities and experts from other fields. The conference will take place in two identical blocks. Four lecturers will give their lectures in the morning block for students and the professional public from the Czech Republic. Then, they will repeat identical lectures in the afternoon block for VINO EURO participants and media representatives. A total of 400 guests will attend the conference. Thematically, the conference focuses on the issue of self-regulation of Wine responsibly.

"The event has not only a sports but also an educational dimension. The national teams have been members of UENFW (Union of European national football teams of winemakers) since 2018. An organization that presents not only the idea of football among winemakers, but also their mutual exchange of experience, professional education and also presents wine as a part of culture and a social phenomenon of world importance. It cooperates with selected European universities, specifically with faculties focusing on viticulture and enology, both at the level of teachers and students. For example, they include Pisa, Maribor, Geisenheim and even Lednice, "Stanislav Tkadlec added to the non-football dimension of this meeting of winemakers from all over Europe.

For the first time in history, national wine teams competed on the football pitch in Italy in 2010. A year later in Hungary, it was officially the first European Championship of national wine football teams and since 2012, a two-year cycle has been set for the championships. The Czech i.e. Moravian national team qualified for VINO EURO for the first time in 2018 in Slovenia, where it won bronze medals at its premiere and made such an impression that the Czech Republic became the host of the next championship in 2020. But it was eventually postponed until 2022.

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