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First UENFW - Football European Championship of Winemakers in the Czech Republic

Press Release, 11 November 2019

Brno, 11 November - The European Football Championship of Winemakers VINO EURO 2020 will take place for the first time in the Czech Republic on 19 to 23 May 2020. The presidents of the individual wine-making groups arrived at Brno on St. Martin's Day to draw the composition of the teams at the Championship.

The Czech Republic will be represented by FC Vinaři (Wine-makers) Czech Republic. VINO EURO 2020 is supported by the South Moravian Region.

The central idea of the Championship is to connect people, professionals and the general public through such phenomena as football and wine, and therefore the drawing of lots took place among the lovers of good wine - at Freedom Square where the traditional St. Martin's wine tasting takes place. JUDr. Bohumil Šimek, the President of the South Moravian Region, JUDr. Markéta Vaňková, Mayor of the City of Brno, and other prominent guests participated in drawing the groups of the championship which will be attended by 8 teams. Besides the Czech Republic, winemakers from Italy, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland will participate.

“Wine almost automatically belongs to the symbols of South Moravia and you can find the grapes in our regional emblem. However, only a few people realize that many of our famous football players come from the wine-growing regions of South Moravia. That is why it is a great honour for me to take part in draw for the groups in the European Football Championship VINO EURO 2020 and to do it together with Miroslav Kadlec, the captain of the European Football Vice Champions of 1996, who is a native of another Moravian region, Slovácko. In 2020, the city of Brno will host the prestigious event of the World Wine Competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and also the European Football Championship of Winemakers, making us one of the global capitals of wine and winemakers,” said Bohumil Šimek, the Governor of the South Moravian Region.

The groups will play at four football stadiums in Znojmo. They will proceed to the elimination stages in Uherské Hradiště where the final match will take place in the city stadium of Miroslav Valenta on 23 May.

“As VINO EURO 2020 is based not only on wine-making and football but also on mutual education of wine-makers and experience exchange, the International Wine Conference will take place at the same time in Mikulov with speakers from wine-making universities/faculties of Pisa, Lisbon, Geisenheim, Maribor and also Brno and Lednice”, said PhDr. Martin Chlad, President of representative team FC Vinaři Czech Republic and organiser of the Championship who explained the non-football dimensions of this event.

For the first time ever the wine-making teams competed on the football field in Italy in 2010. One year later in Hungary there was the official first European Championship of wine-making national football teams and since 2012 the Championship has been organised in a two-year cycle. The Czech, respectively the Moravian national team, first qualified for VINO EURO in 2018 in Slovenia where it won a bronze medal at its première and was so impressed that the Czech Republic became the host of the next championship in 2020.

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