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UENFW General Assembly at ProWein in Düsseldorf

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Photo with Peter Schmitz, Director of ProWein

8 European wine and football nations in dialogue

The annual General Assembly of the Union of European National Football Teams of Winemakers (UENFW) was held at ProWein in Düsseldorf. The UENFW is a European association under German law that brings together winemakers from all over Europe and provides them with the opportunity to combine their passion for wine and football.

The event, which was organized with the kind support of ProWein, gave the current eight member nations the opportunity to discuss the development of the organization and to make plans for the future.

During the General Assembly, several important topics were discussed, including the planning for VINOEURO 2024, which is expected to take place in Portugal. VINOEURO is a tournament for national football teams consisting mainly of top winemakers and oenologists from various European countries. It is expected to take place in May/June 2024 and teams from across Europe are expected to participate. The UENFW is looking forward to hosting this exciting event and will announce further information in the coming months. The UENFW VINOEURO 2024 in Portugal promises to be another unforgettable experience for all participating winemaker football national teams.

Robert Lönarz, President of the UENFW, emphasized the importance of the event for the 280 licensed players: "ProWein offers a great platform for us to exchange ideas with other winemakers and wine professionals internationally. We are proud to be part of this community and look forward to VINOEURO 2024 with our friends in Portugal."

The UENFW is committed to promoting the combination of wine culture and football in Europe and has become an exciting voice in the industry representing the message "Wine in Moderation" culturally and athletically.

The board was confirmed and supplemented. Thus, President Robert Lönarz and Secretary-General Erica Fischbach will continue to conduct business from the Geisenheim University location in Germany. The team will be strengthened by Nelson Rodrigues, Honorary President of the Portuguese team, who will take over the areas of communication and finance. Pedro Andrade will take over the official business of Martin Chlad, who led VINOEURO 2022 Czech Republic to success.

The organization is open to all winemaker football national teams from Europe and invites interested parties to visit their website at for more information and to become a member.

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